Who Targets Me Chile

24th Oct 2017 | Share:

Our project, tracking and monitoring political advertising on Facebook, comes to Chile. We’re assisted by the team from Datos Protegidos who will be continuously monitoring the state of advertising on Facebook in the lead up to the election on November 19th.

Chile is the fourth election Who Targets Me has been deployed in. Under mounting international pressure, Facebook is starting to make changes that make it’s ad buying platform more transparent.

We’ve tried to get in touch with Facebook to see if these changes will be implemented in time for the citizens of Chile to benefit. With no reply we have to assume not, and at this point the only way to reveal the extent of dark advertising and micro-targeting is to install the browser extension and crowdsource the data.

Install on Chrome

„For a couple of years we have seen how the data from the Chileans are being used in politics to look for voters through phone calls, text messages and emails. The fact that people’s data can now be used much more accurately with the aim of selecting and even influencing certain groups of voters through the social networks requires greater transparency on the part of the candidates and their campaigns.
That is the reason why the implementation of projects like Who Targets Me in Chile are important, we believe it is a tool that will help to discourage bad practices and transparent our democratic processes.“

Danny Rayman, Fundaci├│n Datos Protegidos

Get involved in our work by downloading the Who Targets Me browser extension!

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