Ask a family member to take part

We’re looking for people in the US, and particularly in key states (Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Georgia, Wisconsin, North Carolina Texas) for the election in November to take part in Who Targets Me.

(Taking part, and agreeing to be part of the study we’re working on with the University of Manchester, could win them a $1,000 gift card).

Here’s how you can help get people involved.

  1. Share Who Targets Me on Facebook
  2. Tweet about Who Targets Me
  3. Copy the text below into an email and send it to a friend or family member (a personal email is a really effective way of getting people involved)

Thanks so much for helping spread the word about Who Targets Me!

Here’s the email for you to copy, customize and send

Suggested subject line: Protecting democracy and elections

Hi [......],

Can I please ask you a favor?

I'm taking part in an important project called Who Targets Me. It's about tracking the ways political Facebook ads are being targeted at voters like us for the election in November. By taking part, we can  monitor the campaigns and social media platforms and help protect American democracy.

Can I ask you to get involved too? They really need people in your state to take part.

It's easy to take part - you just need to install the Who Targets Me browser extension on your computer.

Instructions to set it up and answers to any questions you have are all here:

It works like this:

1/ Install the software in your PC/Mac browser (Chrome/Firefox/Safari/Edge)
2/ Follow the onscreen instructions to get started
3/ It captures the Facebook ads you see (nothing else) and makes them available for research
4/ It shows you the results of how you're being targeted via

Thank you! Speak soon!

[Your name]

P.s. If you want to stop taking part at any time, here's how to remove the software:

Removing the Who Targets Me software