How to help Who Targets Me

We’re going to do bigger and better work with our analysis and explanation of political ads in 2020, particularly for the US elections, but for as many other elections as possible too.

While we have a little funding for two core tech roles at Who Targets Me, it’s nothing like what we need to follow campaigns closely and explain the issues at hand.

We’re therefore looking to find skilled people willing to give us anything from a few minutes, to a few hours, to a few days to help us with (in no particular order):

Software – all skills welcome. We use an AWS/React/Postgres stack and a bit of Python. Experience with visualisation tools would be cool (we’ve recently been working with D3.js). Experience making databases and queries run faster would be great too.

Communications and media – helping out with press (press releases, messaging), writing newsletters, improving our social media presence, writing sometimes complicated things so that they’re simple, while still accurate, editing other pieces to make them read well.

Language and localisation – improving our translations for our browser extensions and website, identifying political advertisers (typically just a couple of hours work per country).

Data analysis (quantitative) – R, statistical packages, spreadsheets, charts, visualisations.

Data analysis (qualitative) – You follow politics closely where you live and know how campaigns work. You can look at campaign material, quickly see what it’s trying to achieve and explain it to people.

Policy and influencing – You know how laws get made, know the right people to talk to, can help us think strategically about how to make political ads trustworthy and transparent, likely through regulation.

Legal – Help us understand the evolving picture of law and precedent, how it affects the campaigns we monitor and the way we do our work.

Design – Help us communicate our findings and thinking clearly and with visual flair.

Research – Help us ask and answer better questions that contribute to knowledge of how campaigns and internet platforms work, or even perhaps deeper questions about human psychology and persuasion. You might know about other research projects in this area, what they’re looking at and how our work compliments it.

If any of that sounds like you, just email us ( telling us how you think you could help.