The team is pleased to announce our commitment to monitoring digital advertising in Austria, ahead of the legislative election on October 15th.

From today, users in Austria, and indeed any other part of the world can download the Chrome extension and contribute to our ever growing database of online advertising. Austria marks the third election Who Targets Me has covered.

The latest version of the extension, available today from the Chrome store allows users from any country to sign up

Over 14,000 people have downloaded the desktop browser extension worldwide and we believe that by working with the right researchers and investigative journalists we can push for greater transparency from Facebook and greater oversight from regulators.

Who Targets Me is a volunteer effort, dedicated to encouraging digital transparency and holding politicians accountable for their marketing. Facebook’s recent disclosure that over $100,000 of Russian money poured into the US electorate’s timelines during the recent US presidential election has made the case for independent research into this issue clear.

We’re joined in Austria by researchers from the fact-checking site¬†Fakt ist Fakt.

Who Targets Me Austria Press Release, 19th September 2017