We’re thrilled to announce a partnership between the Project on Computational Propaganda at the Oxford Internet Institute and Who Targets Me. Together, we’ll study the methods behind and impact of social media advertising on political debate in the campaigns for the US midterms.

Over the coming months, we’ll be working together with a cohort of users to identify patterns and trends in political advertising. The OII team will be led by Professor Phil Howard and Lisa-Maria Neudert.

What we’ll be able to do

The partnership will allow us to develop new features for our ad tracking software and build new analysis tools. The OII’s expertise will help us improve our research design and the quality of the data we create.

If you’re based in the US and wish to participate, please install the Who Targets Me Chrome or Firefox extension (and continue using Facebook as normal!).

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For more information, get in touch via contact@whotargets.me.

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