About us

The Project

Who Targets Me was developed to help you discover which campaigns are spending their money targeting you during the 2017 general election. Analysing the aggregated data will allow us to draw out insights about exactly which demographics are being targeted and the exact media and language that campaigners are using to influence your vote.

To achieve this, the WTM team developed a desktop browser extension that works in the background to extract and analyse each political advert shown to you on social media. You can download the extension from our volunteer page.

Why is this Important?

In the run up to the 2015 General Election a combined £1.3m was spent on targeted Facebook advertising by political parties. Such a phenomenon didn’t exist during the 2010 general election, the rise of dark ads has been swift and this trend can be observed globally, perhaps most noticeably in 2016 when the Trump campaign spent tens of millions of dollars funding digital advertising with variable language tweaked to each individual’s particular personality traits.

In truth, nobody is completely sure of the scale campaigns are using big data and targeted advertising to affect our politics. Who Targets Me is recognising that we the people can use technology and big data to monitor the campaigns and defend the transparency of this democracy.

As Tom Steinberg points out, if Facebook (and Google) were to publish their data on how campaigns use advertising, it would be incredibly illuminating — a great democratic service on their part. However, it’s likely that they can’t and won’t do it.

Who are You?

The project was founded by Sam Jeffers (The Shop) and Louis Knight-Webb shortly after the 2017 general election was announced. This is a citizen led non-partisan project, monitoring the advertising strategies of the parties. Our aim is to encourage transparency and restore trust in our political system. We’re honoured to be working with such a great team of developers, researchers, lawyers and journalists.

We hope to foster a substantive debate about the effect of targeted advertising in our politics and, ultimately, a change in the way such adverts are regulated.

Featured in the press

Who Targets Me has been featured in the media and around the web:

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