Worried about the future of democracy? Want to understand how modern political campaigns work?

Install the free Who Targets Me browser extension to crowdsource political ads, see who’s targeting your vote and protect democracy.

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Over 40,000 people in more than 100 countries have installed Who Targets Me to crowdsource and learn about political adverts – and protect democracy.

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Politicians use big data and microtargeting to reach people on social media with personalised adverts aimed at winning their support.

The billions of ads they buy on social media platforms play a vital role in every modern election campaign.

Yet there is little research in this area because social media companies have only recently started sharing even a portion of data on the subject.

Who Targets Me is working with people across the world to change that.

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The Who Targets Me browser extension scans your Facebook newsfeed for ‘Sponsored’ posts (ignoring everything else).

The Sponsored posts are matched against categorised lists of political advertisers and displays data about who’s targeting you.

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