We campaign for more transparent political ads.

Install our free browser extension to learn about the political ads targeting you, expose their effects and protect democracy.

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How the browser extension works:

The Who Targets Me extension results

1. The extension captures the Facebook ads you’re targeted with (nothing else).

2. The ads are matched against lists of political advertisers we research and maintain.

3. You get personalised data about who’s targeting you and how they’re doing it.

4. If you wish, you can stop participating or delete your data automatically at any time.

Install:  ChromeFirefoxEdge

Step-by-step installation guide

Why take part?

Join over 40,000 people in more than 100 countries who have installed Who Targets Me to crowdsource online political ads – and protect democracy.

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Install:  ChromeFirefoxEdge

Step-by-step installation guide

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Thanks to pressure from Who Targets Me and organizations like us, the platforms now provide some transparency data about political advertising.

However, they don’t provide any data about the targeting methods used, or the ways in which people are exposed to and influenced by political ads.

The only way to get that information and better understand the effects of online political ads on democracy, is to participate in – and spread the word about – projects like Who Targets Me.

Our research

Alongside own research, we work with experienced university researchers in computational political science and journalists reporting for major, trusted news sources.

Our work encompasses qualitative and quantitative methods as well as policy research to develop solutions to the ways social media harms democracy.

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What else do you work on?

Notify is a new tool for journalists, researchers and political campaign addicts to get notifications when campaigns launch new ads.

We also create novel datasets and work to make existing ones (such as spending data) more useful and accessible for fellow researchers.

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