How we choose our leaders is important.  


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Who Targets Me tells you which political campaigns use Dark Ads and Micro-Targeting to influence your vote.


Installing the browser extension helps us monitor election campaigns and call for greater digital transparency.

There is a global deficit of research into this area.

Facebook played a key role in recent elections in the USA and UK.

Campaigns are getting better at using Big Data to determine which demographics (including ethnicity, religion or personality) should receive particular campaign messages.

We must be proactive in understanding how new technology holds up within our existing regulatory framework.

You can help us to make election advertising on Facebook more transparent.

Install the Who Targets Me browser extension and keep using Facebook as normal.

The extension identifies Dark Ads and shows you how you’re being targeted. We use the anonymous data to research the extent of targeting.

Make online campaigning more transparent. Shine a light on Dark Ads.


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