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  • Tracks the spending, messaging and targeting of 75,000+ political advertisers
  • Shows trends and leaderboards to monitor change over time
  • Dig down into presidential races, referendums and local campaigns
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Understanding social media

  • Allows researchers to run ecologically valid experimental studies with real content on real social media interfaces
  • Learn how users react to re-ranking, labelling, literacy interventions and exposure to different types of content
  • For quantitative and qualitative study
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Policy and analysis

  • Analysis: Liberal Democrats’ Target Seats

    In 2015, the Liberal Democrats were blindsided by their then-coalition partners the Conservatives running a ton of Facebook ads targeting seats they held in the west of England. At the time, there was no ad transparency at all, so it was impossible to know with any reliability what was being said, to whom and how […] >>

  • Making UK elections fit for the digital age: Ten ideas

    Digital campaigning isn’t new at this point, but it’s still newer than most of the electoral law that governs it. We think it’s time that changed. The next government should take a step back and do the work needed to improve the rules for British election campaigns in the digital age. Here’s 10 things they […] >>

  • How did UK parties target their ads in the first week of the campaign?

    With thanks to Fabio Votta, who helps us aggregate party spending on different targeting methods. Here’s the first week of the campaign on Meta, broken down by the amount of money spent on the various targeting methods available to political advertisers. To produce the above chart, we aggregate the amount spent on each targeting method […] >>

  • The Brexit effect on UK political campaign rules

    The UK is starting to diverge from the GDPR. What will looser rules mean for political campaigns? >>

  • Ad transparency – what’s missing for 2024?

    What should platforms do to increase the integrity of their political advertising systems to protect the many elections taking this year? >>

  • Has the DSA done anything for political ad transparency?

    The EU’s Digital Services Act is a big step forward in holding platforms accountable. On ad transparency, it could have gone further. >>

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