Microtargeting. Misinformation. Psychographic profiling.

Install Who Targets Me to find out who’s trying to win your vote – and how they’re doing it.

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Installing Who Targets Me creates anonymous data about political Facebook ads that increases transparency in elections, all over the world.

Just add the extension to your browser and continue using Facebook as normal.

Our software does the rest.

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Campaigns use big data and microtargeting to decide who should see their messages.

The billions of ads they buy on Facebook play a vital role in every modern election campaign.

Yet there is little data and research in this area because campaigns and Facebook won’t share it with researchers and campaigners.

Who Targets Me has changed that.

Join over 10,000 volunteers in 42 countries who have installed Who Targets Me so far.

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Did millions spent on Facebook ads win the presidency for Donald Trump? Did they lead to Brexit?

No-one really knows the impact of social media advertising on elections.

You can help us find out.

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It’s time to shine a light on the dark arts of modern political campaigning.

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