Consulting services

We offer services in five areas:

  1. For political parties, we advise on responsible digital campaigning practices. This might include commitments to transparency and use of voter data, as well as creating parallel commitments for affiliated entities such as candidates, foundations and think tanks.
  1. For platforms and websites, we advise on political advertising policy. This might include advertiser verification, transparency, ad library design and data access, as well as other service-specific recommendations to reduce risks to democracy or individuals caused by political advertising.
  1. For academics, we help design novel research projects to understand the impact of social media, particularly on politics and political campaigns.
  1. For governments and regulators, we advise on the design of online political advertising law, implementation and monitoring. This includes understanding the trade-offs inherent in regulation, creating balanced proposals and assessing likely future impacts.
  2. For media organisations, we can help design your coverage of the digital aspects of political campaigns, develop tools and visualisations and provide timely expert analysis.

In offering these services, we bring our own experience and expertise of the issue, as well as a network of experts and practitioners.

Note that, though the outputs from a project remain the clients’, the terms of projects – the client, dates worked, the theme of the consultation and associated fees will be published here. We never work under a blanket NDA. This transparency is very important to us.

Also note that, it’s unlikely we will be able to work across more than one of these areas simultaneously in a single election. Our criteria for prioritising projects will be to work on those which have the largest positive impact on the safety and integrity of a campaign.

If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch with a brief outline of your project.


This is a new area of work for Who Targets Me. We will update this section with a list of projects as we work on them.