Tools, projects and ideas

The Who Targets Me browser extension


  • Get daily email notifications when the campaigns you’re interested in launch new Facebook ads, compare frequency and spending data without leaving your inbox.


  • (Discovery) A project to create a unified, tagged, searchable database of online political advertisers and their ads. 

Unified spending reports

  • (Private beta) Download political ad spending reports for any date range.


  • Where the code for our projects lives.

Inactive or retired projects


UK GE2019 Spend Race and Constituency Map

  • Two visualisations of political ad data from the 2019 UK election.

Ideas to explore

  • In-feed fact checking and flagging – making bad ads clearer to Facebook users
  • Advertiser blocking – to allow users to block single, or groups of, political advertisers
  • Expanding beyond Facebook – to provide a wider suite of tools to protect users from low-quality information online
  • Creating an archive of email and SMS campaigns – these are targeted information too. 
  • For any other ideas you think would improve transparency of political advertising (data, visualisations, crowdsourcing tools and more), email us!